May/June/July I can‘t believe how fast the time is running! So it is really about time to hook you up with some updates! Here we go… After the last newsletter I had a great show in Kulmbach with my Upforce buddies Fab and Tim in front of over 40.000 spectators over the weekend! After moving Read more about Newsupdate[…]

February News

Hey all!
Time is running and February was over pretty quick (and not only because it has a few days less than all the other months…). So this is what has happened for me.
In the beginning of February I was hanging at the ispo sports tradeshow. I did not really have a lot to do there besides keeping my sponsors at VANS, Oakley, Skullcandy, Light Board Corp., Protec and MG-Sport from working by eating their snacks and drinking their drinks. One day I went with photographer Peter Ortmann of to the BMX hall in Emmering to ride it one last time before it got closed. I rode out my first flips on a BMX bike. I know, it doesn‘t sound impressive for a guy flipping his MX-bike, but I really never flipped a bicycle onto a hard landing! So now I am planning to put the flip into my MTB slopestyle-run at the Dirtmasters Festival in Winterberg (coming May, 21st-24th, including another great Upforce FMX Show, presented by Suzuki, and another Dan Dryers Punk‘n‘Roll-gig)… […]

January News

I hope you all had a nice sweet jump into 2010! I did have it, but that is not too difficult shredding on the snowboard in the VANS Penken park in Mayrhofen… haha!
Instead of doing the yearly gig at the SX Dortmund this year I went to watch the Anaheim 1 SX opener in the USA. The reason for it was that Red Bull had invited me to take part of the Red Bull Judging Clinic. For two days a group of FMX Insiders discussed and tested the new judging for the Red Bull X-Fighters tour. I am pretty happy about our achievements and this system should help to show us great, creative and various runs with a nice mix of rightsideup and upsidedown tricks and a lot of personal flavour. I hope the times are over when everybody tries to copy the other guys runs… the future should be bright for FMX! […]


Yes, I am alive!!!

Oh well, it really has been a while since I send out a newsletter. I feel really bad since in the past I was pretty busy doing it and this year it is just different… so I will try to do a short summary since my last newsletter from July…

Just the day before I left for the Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid I twisted my knee while I was Wakeskating. At first it did not seem to be a big problem, but during the Horsefeathers Jam in Prague, put on by Martin Koren, I realised, something was wrong. I had broken off some cartilage from my kneedisk and needed surgery to remove the pieces that were floating around in my knee… alltogether I was out for 7 weeks!
But since I started my own company ATZE ENTERTAINMENT this summer, I was busy anyway. Under the wings of ATZE I am running our UPFORCE FMX Shows as well as the SPOTelicious videoproduction that I started with my buddy and photographer Christoph Leib. […]

Jammin‘ Roadtrip

It seems that every June I am on the road… nearly every year Fredd Johanssons own Sweetspot Allstars Jam at his homecompound in Nynäshamn / Sweden is one of the reasons for my absence from home. This year it was time for episode number 5 of one of my alltime favourite events.
Fredds jam is all about having a couple sweet days together, not only on the bikes. […]