Kings of Xtreme

In January it will be the premiere for a new FMX event in Germany. Kings of Xtreme will have it’s premiere on January 30th/31st, 2010 in Leipzig/Germany. everything that has a bar and can fly will be seen: FMX, BMX/MTB, Minibikes, Stuntbikes, Trial bikes, flipping Quads and Snowmobiles… so you better check out this show Read more about Kings of Xtreme[…]

Masters of Dirt Graz

The Masters of Dirt Tour 2008 in Austria finished like it started: with a bang! The shows in Graz went really well and all the riders pushed themselves to new limits. Especially Eigo Sato and Tom Pages rode on a crazy level: Lazyboy, Kiss of Death, Hartattack, Indy, Cordova… yep, all as big flip-combos… Also Read more about Masters of Dirt Graz[…]