Missing: global warming!

Where is the global warming if you need it? Instead of spending the last days in Italy riding FMX we had to cancel our plans due to the snowmasses and cold temperatures. Bummer! So I hung out at the ISPO sportstradeshow in Munich and kept my people from Vans, Oakley, Skullcandy, MG-Sport and Protec from working by telling them stupid jokes, eating their candy and drinking their beer… Since this gets boring pretty quick I was happy when my photo-buddy Peter Ortmann invited me for a BMX shooting at the Tretlager Halle in Emmering before it will get closed next week. I rode out my first flips on a BMX bike (I know this doesn’t sound very impressive for a guy who is flipping a dirtbike over 20+ meters, but I really never had fliped a bicycle onto a landing, only into the foampit) and Peter snapped some shots of me in the curved wallride… Check out ortmaniacs.de for more cool shots of Peter and his brother Hannes!