Yes, I am alive!!!

Oh well, it really has been a while since I send out a newsletter. I feel really bad since in the past I was pretty busy doing it and this year it is just different… so I will try to do a short summary since my last newsletter from July…

Just the day before I left for the Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid I twisted my knee while I was Wakeskating. At first it did not seem to be a big problem, but during the Horsefeathers Jam in Prague, put on by Martin Koren, I realised, something was wrong. I had broken off some cartilage from my kneedisk and needed surgery to remove the pieces that were floating around in my knee… alltogether I was out for 7 weeks!
But since I started my own company ATZE ENTERTAINMENT this summer, I was busy anyway. Under the wings of ATZE I am running our UPFORCE FMX Shows as well as the SPOTelicious videoproduction that I started with my buddy and photographer Christoph Leib.

In the beginning of September we had a MX race at our track and since I am the president of the club and responsible for all the graphicworks as posters, flyers, programm and all that stuff, I was pretty busy organising that event. I also had to come back from the injury and ride the FMX show, but the break seemed to be good since I rode well and was pretty motivated.
Straight after the event I have organised the Skullcandy Dirty Tuesday, since the biggest consumer electronics expo in Germany, IFA, was on. So Skullcandy drove out to our track, where we had a BBQ organised and jumped a FMX show. The event was a great success and all the suitwearing VIPs were pretty impressed. I was happy, since this event kind of showed the whole portfolio of ATZE ENTERTAINMENT: we have organised the event, jumped a show and also filmed and photographed the event… so you get everything out of one hand!

Next on was the SX in Gotheburg / Sweden. This is always a great and fun event with some good racing and really cool promoters! I love scandinavia anyway and to ride with Fredd Johansson, Fab and the rest of the crew was great. Early in the morning I had to get on a plane and fly to Germany, because we had to film the motoX Amateur Masters. That is kind of the Motocross of Nations for amateur riders, because the best regional racers compete against each other. SPOTelicious was responsible for all the filming, which meant a lot of work.

The next weekend Stefan Bengs and me have organised the UPFORCE FMX JAM in his compound in Bestensee. It was a FMX Rookies contest, that Kai Haase won, with pro-demos and mixed up with BMX/MTB Dirtjumping and Minibiking. The event was a success and the relaxed atmosphere was exactly what we wanted. On sunday Freddy Peters, kai Haase and me also jumped at the Mellopark Jam in Berlins biggest BMX/Skateboard parks MELLOWPARK. The jam was the last event in the actual park before it will move to another location and the big BMX crowd was stoked with our riding.

The next weekend it was time for the in Zurich. The atmosphere was great as always, but since this was the first contest for me this year, I had to figure out, I am just not in conztest mode anymore since I had one deadsailor in my 3 jumps in the qualification. That of course was a big no-go… Oakley made up for it by inviting us on a boatride with Wakeboadring on the beautiful Zuerisee.
Next on was the DAN DRYERS tour on the Red Bull Tourbus. So I had to grab my guitar and get back into the rockstar thing… HAHA! It was great fun to play some concerts again!

My biggest problem was, that I had no break afterwards since swatch had hired me to setup the track at the, the sisterevent of, which was held for the first time in my hometown. This was a good test for my company to prove that we are able to organise a whole show with all the trackbuilding and branding. Everything went well and the crowd saw some good shows featuring Mat Rebeaud, Daniel Bodin, Petr Pilat and our Upforce boys Stefan Bengs, Dennis Garhammer, Kai Haase and myself. And oh yeah, the DAN DRYERS played as well. I had no time to change after the crossover session, so I just played in full on Motocross gear!

After so much work without any break I was ready for some holiday. My girlfriend Steffi and me went to Bali for two weeks of relaxing and surfing. I used the chance to propose to Steffi and since she said „yes“ we are engaged now. Sweet!
Reiuvenated I played another concert at the VANS Rocknight in Cologne, just one day after coming back.

With the Supercross in Stuttgart the SX-season started. Because the roof is not that high, we only could jump 16 meters of distance, so for the first time I flipped in first gear over the standard ramps, but it worked pretty well. For the SX Chemnitz our UPFORCE crew was responsoible for the whole FMX show and again everything worked well.

Last weekend Volkswagen had booked me to help them for their „Dakar on snow“ event in Flachau / Austria. VW had invited a lot of media and friends to present their Dakar raceteams. Part of the event was a big show which included the Race-Touaregs and Petr Pilat and me on the FMX-bikes.The cold temperatures below zero degree Celsius and snow did not make it easy for us to jump onto the UPFORCE portable landing. But we managed to create safe conditions for the jump and did a good show. The highlight of the show was when Mark Miller jumped his Touareg over this years Dakar-winner Giniel de Villiers and at the same time Petr and me did a flip-train over both cars! Everyone was stoked about it!

the final countdown...

the final countdown...

Mark Miller and me

Mark Miller and me

Since I got not invited to ride at the SX in Munich my last event of the year will be the SX in Malmoe / Sweden straight after X-Mas. Jeremy McGrath will be attending there, so I am stoked that Fredd has invited Fab, Kai and me again to jump the show with him, Frog and Thom.

2009 was a different year for me compared to the last years. I decided to not really compete anymore and to only focus on shows. The lovely bank crisis for sure was responsible for only very few shows, so I decided to use my energy to build up my company. I have learned so much already through that decision. I also got involved with the „other side“ of the sport by doing commenting work as TV expert for the Red Bull X-Fighters Tour and by pushing our SPOTelicious videoproduction. Life goes on and I feel like right now I am in the middle of a transition period from a pro-rider to … something else, probably in the media. So we will see how things will be developing in 2010. But riding and organising shows still will be a big part of 2010. So it is not over yet… HAHA!

I wish you all merry (FM)X-Mas and happy new year in case we don‘t see each other before!