Jammin‘ Roadtrip

It seems that every June I am on the road… nearly every year Fredd Johanssons own Sweetspot Allstars Jam at his homecompound in Nynäshamn / Sweden is one of the reasons for my absence from home. This year it was time for episode number 5 of one of my alltime favourite events.
Fredds jam is all about having a couple sweet days together, not only on the bikes. This years jam included a teamcontest between team grey and team green. Team grey consisted of Fredds cousin Thom Johansson, our 17 year old Upforce youngster Kai Haase, Libor Podmol and myself while Team green was build by Fredd himself, Fab Bauersachs, Rasmus Kjeldsen from Denmark and the man who is only known as FLAP… Riding itself was not part of the contest. On the first day, the arrival-day, we had a great boatride on an old fisherboat „TÖSEN“ to a nice welcome-dinner in an old swedish wooden house. It happened to be my birthday, too, so I got a nice strawberry cake as present! Delicious! Now I am 21 or something like that… HAHA
Day two started with a kajak trip to an island where a Yoga-teacher proved that we are not as flexible as you might think if you see tricks like Cordova-Backflips or so… in the afternoon riding in Fredds reshaped Sweetspot was on schedule. On every straight Fredd has a double-double section! Have you ever experienced bad armpump riding a FMX course? If not, you should go to the Sweetspot, ride three complete laps with throwing down a trick on every jump: you are guaranteed to get armpump!
On day three we were greeted by heavy rain for breakfast. Riding was not an option, so we invented a minibike biathlon: ride two laps on a soaking wet grass minibike track, then shoot with a paintball gun on energydrink cans, do a penaltylap for every missed can and continue two more laps on the minibike before handing over the bike to your teammate. We also played real paintball afterwards and found out „there is only one rule in war: there is no rule!“. Afterwards we had a table-icehockey coaching by one of Swedens national players (YES, they really have a national-team in table-icehockey!). By the way, that was the only competition that was won by Team Green… but they did it in great fashion and my team did not even score a single goal! But we got our revenge by dominating the team Poker session in the night.
Day three was all about riding in sunny weather and doing crazy trains. Everything got captured by the SPOTelicious videocams, since my sideproject with Christoph Leib will produce the official Sweetspot Movie this year. The premier will be later this year in Sweden and hopefully a couple more locations. Oh yeah, in typical team-fashion we had a final soccer-game to end another great Sweetspot Allstars Jam. Of course 😉 Team Grey did win it and also the overall competition. Hell yeah!
Thanks and props go out to the whole Sweetspot crew, especially Fredd and Linda, Annelie, Thom, Emma, Mankan, Jens… and I am sure I have forgotten some more important guys who put in all their heart and effort into this event to provide us one of the nicest weeks in the whole year!

Straight after Sweetspot, Kai, our Upforce mechanic Mini, Christoph and myself loaded up my car to find our way to Larsmo in Finnland for Bobo Holms Camp Larsmo BBQ. At midsummertime in Finnland the sun never really goes down and so we had some nice, relaxed sessions in front of about 500 paying visitors in the backyard of Bobos parents. In between we had BBQ, watched the minibike and BMX action going on and were fighting against all the moscitos that were on site as well…
We planned to do some more riding in the following week, but bad weather kept us off the ramps and freeride spots and send us straight into the summer house of Ilkka salos parents in the middle of nowhere, but right next door to a beautiful lake. This was like having holiday. We went a lot to the sauna, cooled down in the lake, reminded ourselves why french people like to call me „Pastis“ Wolter and just spend quality time together with the Lazytroop guys.

If you wanna check out what happened at the jams, and to get info about the upcoming Camp Larsmo show on July 23rd-25th, check www.sweetspotallstars.se and www.camplarsmo.com

Thanks to everybody for the great time and good memories! This is why we ride FMX! Keep the spirit!

I will be in Fort Worth for the weekend for the Red Bull X-Fighters and straight afterwards I will go to Suisse to ride with Mat Rebeaud and then participate at the swatch Free4Style at Estavayer le Lac / CH.